I am fairly certain I have said it before – I write for myself. I love that I have people interested in my books; it is even a bit of a motivation. But ultimately, it is mostly for myself. This means there are times I don’t feel like writing. With no deadlines, if I don’t feel like writing then I won’t.

Unfortunately, that means I have to refocus when I come back to the writing. Which, as you might know, SUCKS. While I am chugging along, getting back into the groove I am also working on scenes and still building the world and creating the buildings and backgrounds.

I am also researching horse breeds, architectural styles, and a million other things.

And, I read.

I’ve done a bit of writing today. I’m working on so many things right now. My small binder was so full, I had to buy a larger one. I have names of super minor characters to remember… I’m not only working on the next scene of the book, but also revisiting previous scenes to see how I can work in the updates I’ve made to the world…

And apparently, I am creating ‘off camera’ scenes for the characters, and doing so whole-cloth. As in, I’m just going with the flow – I doubt this will end up in the book, but it can definitely influence the book. I think one of the most fun things I’ve been able to do so far involves bringing in ideas I had discarded in previous attempts to bring ideas to fruition. While I had all these crazy ideas swimming around where my brain should be, they just would not work with the stuff I was trying to fit them into. Here, it almost seems natural.

Perhaps what I will do going forward is devote Tuesday through Saturday to the outlined portions, Sunday to research, and Monday on writing these ‘off camera’ bits. You know, that’s an idea…

I’ve done quite a bit of research today. I’ve figured  out some travel speeds – at least for travel by carriage. I just made up my own for the horseless carriage that is run by “magic”, and I still need to find a reliable source for the speed of trains. I’ve also been designing one of the main locations within my world. It’s a lot of fun.

The off-camera scene that I am working on right now will hopefully turn out enjoyable. I’ll share it when I’m done, shall I?

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