Kindle Unlimited

Have you been on Amazon lately? I have. Not only did I buy myself a Chromebook so I can write when at work. I haven’t figured out how to right click on it but I have a super crappy wired mouse that I throw in my bag with it. While looking at some used iPod’s for work, I stumbled upon Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited. It’s $9.99 per month (after the first 30 days as a free trial) but you basically get to read unlimited books for free. You can only ‘check out’ 10 at a time, but I mean, if you read one a day (totally possible) that’s 30 books for free per month. And not just crappy books, either.

Right now I am reading two different books (one on the pc and one on the phone). I’ll try to get a review here when I’m done.

But seriously. Check it out!

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