Ugh… What have I gotten myself into?

So… I have been thinking about how the magics of my world are going to work within the confines of Victorian England. And the answer? Clearly I didn’t spend enough time on world-building.

Which means back to the drawing board. And possibly re-writing everything I have written before. It’s work; hard work. But I do believe it will make for a stronger book.

I do believe I was headed back to the drawing board anyway: I’ve been doing a lot of writing from the point of view of/about the bad guy. The further in I get, the less I want it included. It’s great so that I know what’s going on in the background, but not so much as part of the work itself.

So. Back to the drawing board.

4 thoughts on “Ugh… What have I gotten myself into?

  1. Dominika

    That happens to me a lot! Where I realize I have to spend more time on world-building, especially when it comes to something mechanical like how a magic system works. Sympathies. Why do you not want to include the bad guy’s PoV – is it just too distracting or is it something else?


    1. lauramichaela Post author

      Well, when the decision came to me last night, it was because most historical romances (what this is, at its heart, although you could probably better classify it as a gaslamp fantasy)…ANYWAY. Most historical romances might hint at a bad guy but do not actually provide his point of view.

      That said, looking at trying to restructure my novel without it does not actually make sense – at least at this stage. It’s definitely something I am still considering for final edits.

      What I am going to concentrate on for the next week or so is building up the world and working back story/details into the content I have already written.


      1. Dominika

        Oh, I see, I did not know that about historical romances. Have you ever been to On StoryFix’s general plot structure, there is the concept of the “Pinch Point” which shows how awful the antagonist is – either through a regular scene, or POV.

        Pinch points are placed at particular points in the story exposition to compliment the protagonist’s story arch, but expose the antagonist for who they really are (for the reader’s delight). Maybe this structure could help you with figuring out how to restructure with minimal villain POV, but still include it. Again, that’s on, here’s a link;

        Best of luck for the coming week’s work! I’m focusing on world-building this week for a project too, but it’s a speculative fantasy. 🙂


      2. lauramichaela Post author

        Ooh! Thank you for the link. This is going to help me tremendously.

        I have to admit, I’m on a bit of a seesaw on this one. I kind of want to remove the majority of mentions of the bad guy and his side-kick, but then again… They comprise the majority of the second chapter.

        It will work out in the end, though.


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