Sunday Writing Prompts

What? Is she serious? Another writing prompt after all this time?

Oh yes. I am serious. Very much so. You see, I haven’t needed the writing prompts all that much since switching my perspectives. This does not mean that the words are just flowing with no cap; I absolutely still encounter bumps and bruises, but still – I’m not really needing those prompts.

And then last night, while working on my Epiphany inspired scene, I came across a stumbling block. And not the kind I am used to either. You know the one – the words just shrivel up and die; they no longer flow. No, this one came in the form of a fork in the road. My scene can be written two different ways, and I’m not sure which is better.

What would you do in a case such as this?

Do you freak out and stop? Do you maybe bang your head against the wall in frustration? Those are both viable options, and certainly choices I would have exercised previously. Today, however, I choose the more logical path: write both scenes and use the one which feels more natural.

So that is my Sunday Writing Prompt – write this scene from both points. It is not something that will be finished today, but I’ll share the discarded one when I’m figure it out. Or, perhaps a snippet of both.


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