Daily Archives: 12, July 2014


Don’t you just hate when you get that epiphany in the middle of the night? Well, I recently had an epiphany about a necessary scene/piece of action that did not present itself at the time of outlining, but rather after writing the scene that will come before it.

The scene is necessary to me because it connects the scene prior and the scene after, so I am not sure how I missed it while creating the outline. And, while I was struggling to figure out the steps from prior to after, this scene has created that bridge flawlessly.


(moving on…)

I’ve always loved those little Post-It tabs, but they weren’t perfect. Upon starting my new job, I found something even better – Post-It flags. The part that goes on the paper is clear, so it will not obscure any print there. Right now I’m using it to differentiate between chapters and notate places where I need to make changes or fill in more information.

(Yes, I’m a fan of my supplies. I cannot wait to get a real office set up!!)

Aside from that, I’ve reached a word count of 6,730. That seems crazy to me. I never thought I’d get this far and now I know I’ll be able to get 70,000 more if I want.

I was totally heartbroken to learn of the passing of Tommy Ramone yesterday. The Ramones are my all-time favorite band. Chris and I danced our first dance together to Baby, I love You by The Ramones. No one can ever compare.


And now, back to my regularly scheduled program of a CSI marathon.