Before I bid you good night

Last night, I posted from my phone. My phone is crap. It took forever to write the 100 (or so) word post, and then I thought I was going to lose the post before it saved because the POST button actually disappeared. Yes, completely. I almost cried.

Tonight, I am extremely tired but I wanted to report PROGRESS before saying good night. If you follow my Facebook page (and if not, you should) then you know that earlier today, I posted a rudimentary mapping of the majority of my story world. Not the over-all world, but rather the town where the majority of the story takes place. I say rudimentary because I am not done – that was a rough idea to keep the thoughts in focus. Tomorrow, I will try to finish it up. The goal is to finish the mapping and then get it onto a poster board for the wall.

I also need to finalize the rules of my ever-so-slightly alternate reality. But first, I have to decide – is magick well-known and fairly well-accepted, or is it still hidden, arcane? Yes, you’re right – hidden and arcane. Well-known and well-accepted make it mundane, lol.

And now, I’m about to pass out. Kisses!

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