Baring My Soul

Despite the title up there ^^, I’m not fully convinced we have souls. They are such an abstract concept to me. Of course, you take that with as many grains of salt as you need because I believe in gods and demons and angels and fairies and myriad other phenomena. So, anyway…

Today, I finished the one and only scene in Chapter 2 of my current work-in-progress. It contains zero action or reaction, at least to my untrained eye. It is, quite literally, a conversation between the two antagonists. There is some background woven in, the relationship between the two is further exposed…et cetera.

And, while I have not set myself a word count per day because life, well I’m quite shocked to say that I have reached 6099 words. Six thousand and ninety-nine. I love how big that is. That’s huge. I mean, it isn’t huge considering it is one prologue and two chapters, but even I understand that not all chapters are of equal length.

And with that, I share this opening snippet of Chapter Two:

North used his key to open the Sacred Chamber exactly six hours after leaving his friend to rest. Seeing him already up and seated behind the desk in an alcove off to the side, he shook his head in bemusement and wondered why he was not already used to this. Even as children, his friend had not needed a lot of sleep. It had been most vexing as it meant his sleep was always being interrupted, but he had adapted as the years passed. Shaking the thought out of his mind, North moved past the desk, toward a small area in the back.

“Have you figured it out yet?” Setting the large tray with two fully loaded plates of breakfast foods down on a dark cherry sideboard, North took a plate for himself before sitting down in one of the two high backed leather chairs nestled in a corner.

“Not yet, no. I’m close though. It almost seems serendipitous, that fool Milne being there. Though I am surprised he hasn’t killed himself yet – the guilt of killing his best friend, and whatnot,” replied Tosk as he came to pick up his own plate, sitting in the remaining chair.

“What are you thinking?” North could tell his friend was eager to talk. His bright green eyes were alight with an almost childish glee; one North had not seen in a long time. But he needed to be asked, cajoled.
“Well, I was able to take over his mind rather easily all those years ago,” stated Tosk, a smirk across his face. That memory was one of his favorite: using one man to take out the other, and all from the comfort of his own home.

“That’s true, yes. But can he answer our questions? Can he lead us to the Jewel?” North knew it was all well and good to reminisce upon past events, and even use the same people for similar tasks, but these two events were not similar. He could not see where Tosk was going with this, and wanted more explanation.

“Perhaps not, but he seems rather close to this girl, and I get the feeling she has to be at the heart of this whole dilemma. I am almost positive that signal came from her,” replied Tosk as he stood up to place his empty plate back on the side board and pour himself a few fingers of bourbon.

“But not completely positive?” Prompted North as he followed suit, choosing a cup of black coffee instead of bourbon.

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