Daily Archives: 28, June 2014

tidbits and out takes

No, I don’t have any of those today. But I was about to update the Facebook page and I realized, why update on Facebook and only reach those 19 people? Why not update via the blog and share with the Facebook followers, the blog readers, and the faithful Twitter followers? So from now on (or, at least when I remember), instead of posting my snippets of rando on the Facebook page, I’ll share them here.

And what, pray tell, is today’s bit of rando? Well, I’ll tell you.

Conversations. Dialogue. I kind of feel like I suck at it. Especially when I compare my writing style to that of published authors. And it isn’t so much that the conversations I’m writing suck, but rather that I pepper my prose with bits of dialogue rather than peppering my dialogue with bits of prose. So how do I fix this? Well, what I’m going to try to do for now is create the ‘rough draft’ version of just the dialogue in my notebook. Then, when I go to put it into Microsoft Word, I’ll pepper in the prose. The action, the movements…

It’s actually quite fun so far. I have a page with rando sentences on it and an initial next to each sentence. Perhaps I’ll share this rough draft with you when I’m done.