On Beta Readers

I love the idea of beta readers, although I might be too sensitive to have someone else read my works… I’m not sure I could take the criticism. Constructive criticism showing me what needs improved upon, yes. But you and I both know not everyone is capable as a critique partner.

The Husband and I are going to try to attend a local writer’s group next week, but we might not go as we might have to leave early. These are rando’s – I don’t know them, they don’t know me. I guess I could handle that.

So, everyone talks about their beta readers. How do you go about finding one? How can you trust them to give you constructive criticism as opposed to jackassery?


I do not have a writing prompt to share today, though it is Sunday. I do, however, have an announcement to share: Since changing my focus to historical romance I’ve actually completed a FULL outline AND the rough draft of my first chapter.

The premise and designing principle and all that nonsense? Not so much. But yes, a WHOLE chapter (and the prologue)…

To celebrate, I am giving myself time off to be that constructive beta reader for two people plus read (AND REVIEW, DAMN IT) something on my Kindle app.


Happy Sunday!

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