Character creations

Call me crazy, but this author loves red hair. So, I have a set of quadruplets (I checked, it happened naturally even back in the late 1700s, but even if not – it’s fiction) and they have red hair in varying shades. So far, we have Helena with copper curls, Celina with strawberry blonde locks, and Isabella Jean with orange /red hair. Poor Cecily Anne, however, does not have a hair color yet. Despite being the firstborn, her story comes 4th so I haven’t quite gotten to know her.

ANYWAY… I’m stuck between a “fiery red” and mahogany. What do you think? I would LOVE opinions!

Also, I’m not sure I understand “pre-raphaelite” as a hair color. Can you explain it, please?

(I have to return to work for about 30 to 40 minutes. Look for a writing post after that. Love you!

1 thought on “Character creations

  1. Daniel Devereux

    Mahogany sounds good to me. I personally enjoy a deep auburn myself and I’ve been entertaining the idea of dyeing my hair that colour. To me quadruplets sound like a whole bucket of crazy; I have a pair of twins in my work and I’m struggling to make them different. Mind you I haven’t written them much yet. To me pre-raphaelite hair, I didnt find a reference to colour, is basically tudor curls that have been stretched and brushed a bit.



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