Daily Archives: 25, April 2014

Have I told You…

Ugh. Lack of motivation is, as my Husband would say, The Suck.

Also, I totally broke my phone and I had to replace it!

More importantly, the book has taken a completely different direction. Elixabeth is still hangin’ in there but her trials and tribulations are much more than we originally thought. Apparently, she didn’t like the story we were sharing, and she has demanded to be put back in control. So, look for New and Exciting in the future.

I’m so super thirsty.

I think I have a skitch of adult ADD. And I’m not trying to be funny there. I’ve always thought I had a crappy memory but it honestly seems to be more of an attention span issue. Perhaps we will explore that one day.


(I would really like to know enough about html to at least change my font.)


And with that, have a good day!