Daily Archives: 4, April 2014

Finding the Designing Principle

Dearest Readers:

Yes, that’s new. I’m trying it out. Give it a chance. You might like it. I had the scare of my life tonight. OK, scare of the year. Whatever. So there I was – avoiding work on the novel, playing on the Interwebs. And my computer just shut off – and we couldn’t get it back on. I was in a panic. I have a tiny little net book, which is what I’m currently using, but oh, it was terrifying. All the pictures. All the documents.

Turns out, the power cord had detached from the back of the computer (I have an all-in-one) and it’s fine now, but still… It really drove home one of the reasons I do all my writing offline, lol. From now on, I’m also doing all hard copies in Google Docs so I can access it anywhere.

It also made me realize I’m in a writing funk. It’s not about not wanting to writer, but rather about not knowing how to express myself. As I said previously, I’m attempting to work through the Truby book. I’m also looking at the Snowflake Method… I look at a lot of different writing sites.

But I’m struggling with this premise and designing principle business. Which seems silly considering that I have an outline of the novel, basic though it may be. I know what the story is about, but I’m having a problem expressing that in one sentence, which stops me from finding this elusive designing principle. Truby talks about journeys and symbols and stuff.

I think I’ve had a breakthrough, but I really have to flesh out the idea some more. I have this story within me, and it will come out. I’m just not sure if Truby is helping the process, or hindering it.