No Sunday Writing Prompt

I know, I know. You were at the edge of your seat waiting for this week’s writing prompt. I do so hate to disappoint you, but as I’ve said previously, I don’t try to force out writing. If I’m not feeling the writing, then I work on backgrounds, character sketches, scene outlines, etc…

I haven’t written anything since totally revamping the idea for the story, although it has been revealing itself more and more the further into it that I delve. New villains are popping up, new allies are flowing in.

Best of all, the main character, Elixabeth Stigweard is fully unfolding herself to me. I have a fairly decent mental image and I’m undigging ALL of the various character interviews I’ve found over the years. I figure the more I dig in there, the more I’ll uncover.

So, I apologize once again that I do not have anything to share this week, but I am still working. Let’s see what comes this week!

By the by, I’m trying to work my way through John Truby’s The Anatomy of Story. Have you read it? I’m struggling with it because I have no writing classes under my belt, so some of the terminology is way over my head. But, I’m sticking with it. If you’ve used it, let me know what you think!

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