My Apologies

I know that I do not have a huge following. I’m not important enough for that. Nor am I sure I would want that responsibility! But, I have readers and I haven’t posted much, so I apologize for that. This has been a messed up, crazy week and my sleep is all wonky so I’m not trying to write – if I don’t sleep enough, I lose concentration, and start not making sense, lol. You know, like any other mere mortal.

So, instead of an actual blog… Here are some updates:

1. My nieces all three have the CUTEST babies. Ever. In the entirety of being, whether in this galaxy or another.
2. I have the best husband.
3. I miss my father every single day. (He’s not dead, just in another state and I’m poor.)
4. I finally brought home the tub so tonight, I’m creating a sheet of writing prompts and filling it.
5. LA Guns is playing about 30 minutes from here this Saturday and I can’t go. WORST.

I’ve been up since 2 am for work, and I am EXHAUSTED. The writing will probably recommence on Sunday as I’ll be caught up on sleep by then. Do you know how hard it is to force yourself to stay awake until at least 9 pm so you don’t wake up at midnight, wide awake?

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