Daily Archives: 11, February 2014

Muddle Headed

It’s not yet even 2:00 in the afternoon, yet I am exhausted and ready for bed. But the thought occurs to me – I need to take my writing more serious. It is time to develop this idea that has been boiling at the back of my brain. But I don’t know anything about anything when it comes to writing. I honestly don’t. Occasionally, an idea overwhelms me and I write it down. So, it is time to learn a thing or two about writing. To that end, I must start at the beginning – reading.

I may not have the best, or most expensive, of writing books, but I do have a few. I will start with them, then build from there. Loaded up into one of the Kindle applications today is the Write Great Fiction – Plot & Structure. I definitely need help there! Look for a review soon!

In addition to reading, I need to just write. My lovely friend Anya does this thing called Morning Pages. Have the rest of you heard of it? I’m going to check it out…